Introduction Day

Saturday 11 January 2020 in central London

If you are interested in our main course, but have little or no experience of the method, this day is an important foundation for your studies. It is also a "taster" day, if you are not yet sure that this is an approach you want to learn more about.

On the day, you will learn how the latest developments in Sensation Method can transform your case-taking, analysis and prescribing. You will discover how the application of the framework of kingdoms, and key concepts including the Levels of Human Development and Levels of Experience, can take you to a clear understanding of your patient's deepest pattern, and a confident choice of remedy.

These key concepts are introduced using cases, video and activities for an interactive, fun day of learning.

Some comments from our previous participants...

"A really credible presentation of the sensation method for beginners.  Interactive, stimulating, engaging and exciting! I came away feeling, yes, I could put this into practice.  I want to know more." SP

"Although the concepts were new, they were very clearly explained. It was all very inspiring. I would recommend it to all." MBL

"Very clear info, good pace, with a variety of presentations.  It made me feel I could progress and understand this method" JT

"Enjoyable and clear intro to the method, with two very capable and enthusiastic presenters." SC

"Presented in a way that was easily digestible...I feel quite enthusiastic about pursuing this further."

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