About the Course



The ACT Homeopathy Course aims to engage homeopathic practitioners in enhancing their sensation method case take taking processes, alongside expanding their knowledge of homeopathic materia medica according to kingdom analysis.

There will be a special focus on homeopathic case-taking as it applies to the concepts of the sensation approach.  The ‘map’ is the understanding of homeopathic remedies as seen through the framework and patterns of kingdoms and miasms.  Utilising this tool in practice can present difficulties and confusion when identifying the pattern of the patient’s subtle expressions. By the end of this course homeopaths should achieve greater clarity of the map as well as refined perception of the patient’s pattern of experience.

Teaching will be case-based and involve the active participation of the group throughout.  Content will be drawn from video and/or paper cases where the outcome has been successful, and presented in a logical sequence demonstrating various aspects and issues of the homeopathic case-taking process. Participants will also be able to draw on their own case experiences to enhance learning.

Some prior experience and learning of the homeopathy sensation mapping system will be expected.  If these concepts are completely new to some participants enrolled, an intensive introductory study day will be arranged (at minimal additional cost).



Perceiving the Case

Objectives of case-taking including:

  • The skill of remaining open through the case
  • Ensuring the patient is the one to make the connections
  • Recognising the level of the patient and enabling to go deeper
  • Identifying entry points and significant points to pursue
  • Knowing when you have arrived at the core
  • Differentiating between kingdoms, sub-kingdoms and remedies
  • Developing and using your awareness of your own internal processing during case-taking


 The Map

  • Emphasis on the Periodic Table as the core framework, including general ‘personality mapping’ as proposed by the Joshis
  • Animal subkingdoms: mammal, bird, reptile
  • Plant 

“For any homeopath interested in learning more about the kingdoms and the periodic table, this is the course for you. You will learn this and so much more! It will give you the tools to be able to take cases in a different way and, through the mapping system, to be able to find the remedy that you wouldn’t have thought of before.”